I haven't done any work on this project for years now because there didn't seem to be much interest in it.
 However, it seems a shame
to let it languish unseen on my computer, especially after all the work I put into it.

I have not cleaned it up for publication, and it's presented AS IS --warts and all.
 Most of the data is sound, but the presentation may be
a bit awkard. Sorry--no apologies.
Jim Polson 24 February, 2012

I've recently discovered that there is a great deal of information available on the lineage of Harriet Parsons, Lin Polson's great-great grandmother. I'm still not interested in putting in more work on this project so instead I refer you to the excellent work of Mike Parsons at  and Linda Urquhart at    --JP 4/4/2014

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Incidentally--if you don't find much information about you, it's probably because you're still alive.
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